About Lisa

Artist-designer Lisa Ekström lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. Raised in a family of architects, painters, musicians, and weavers, she was the only second grader in her class who knew what "Helvetica" was. 

After years of working as an art director and graphic designer, Lisa began to focus more on her work by hand: painting, lettering, and illustration. She created an ongoing series of calligraphy styles based on fictional characters like Emma Woodhouse, Amélie Poulain, and Holly Golightly. She has received love letters and fanmail for her series of tea towel calendar designs for Spoonflower. Her handiwork has been featured in The Sun Times for Sun Basket, and in Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country, and San Francisco Brides magazines. 

Since October 2014, she has been making art every day, and completed a 1,000 day daily art project in June 2017. In 2017, she also completed a 100-day project of an abstract story book. Currently, she’s working on a 100-day project painting abstracts to music, which is a project she’s sharing with artist Sonia Brittain. These projects can be followed on Instagram at @lisaeks, using #1000dayproject and #100daysofabstractstorybook and #100daysofabstractsandmusic

These days she can be found ink-spattered, paintbrush at the ready, singing along with her accordion, and nearly always in red clogs.


Photo by  Caroline Wampole